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Song Samples:
This Ain't Your Typical Fairy Tale
Begin With a Happy Ending
Be Careful What You Wish For
Take Us Back
It's Good To Be a Prince
A Marvelous Morning
What True Love Can Do
It's Up To Me
Girl Power!

Never After

Book, music and lyrics by Lauren Mayer

Age Level: Middle Grades to High School
Cast: 14F, 10M, 3 M or F, doubling possible
Time: About 90 minutes, 2 acts

This ain’t your typical fairy tale! Happy endings are too boring for all the classic fairy tale characters. The Pied Piper is out of a job. Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are unhappy with their boorish princes. And the Emperor’s clothes are too scratchy. None of them are satisfied. The Fairytale Fairy calls them all a bunch of ungrateful whiners. She put all the villains in fairy tale rehab. The Wolf, Bear, Witch, Stepmother, and more sing "Take Us Back." So the Pied Piper frees them to wreak havoc once again. The fairy tale characters hole up in their hideout surrounded by the villains and sing "SOS." Once the girls realize their princes won’t save them, they band together to sing "Girl Power." All of the fairy tale characters summon the courage to defeat the villains, who beg not to be sent back to rehab. The Fairy endorses a plan where good and evil can exist in balance and a "happy(ish)" ending is achieved. Songs include: "Begin with a Happy Ending," "Be Careful What You Wish For," "It’s Good to Be a Prince," "Evil on the Loose," "What True Love Can Do," "Not Such a Happy Ending" and more. Easy to stage with simple sets. Roles for actors of all abilities.

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