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Full Length Plays
The Adventures of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
By: Tim Kelly
An ensemble play adapted from the jungle stories of Rudyard Kipling

Ali Baba and the Arabian Nights
By: Craig Sodaro
An enchanting two-act comedy adaptation

Alice in Zombieland
By: Craig Sodaro
A zombie spoof of "Wonderland"

As You Like It
By: Christopher Davis and Sean W. Develin
A student version of Shakespeare’s classic play

Be My Ghost
By: Tim Kelly
A suspenseful Stephen King-style mystery comedy spoof

Beauty and the Beast
By: Lee Ahlin and Philip W. Hall
The classic love story set to music

Beginner’s Luck
By: Craig Sodaro
A writer solves a murder mystery

Buckshot and Blossoms
By: Tim Kelly
A rip-roaring comedy Western

Camp Twilight
By: Craig Sodaro
A teen vampire "Twilight" parody

Canterbury Tales
By: Arnold Wengrow
An entertaining adaptation of Chaucer’s classic stories

Cinderella’s Dream
By: Greg Atkins
A two act comedy adaptation

The Clods of Hopper
By: Tim Kelly
Remember the Ewing family of "Dallas" fame? Now meet America’s real first family

By: Craig Sodaro
A two act gangster comedy set in a theatre

Cyrano Loves Roxanne
By: Pat Cook
A two-act comic parody of the classic play Cyrano De Bergerac

Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
Adapted By Gary Peterson
A short version of Dickens’ Christmas classic

Drama Queens Gone Wild!
By: Craig Sodaro
A hilarious two-act comedy farce

Ducktails and Bobbysox
, Christopher Mohr
A musical comedy tribute to the ’50s

Fifties Flashback!
Book by Shirley Ullom Music and lyrics by Ken Miller
The spirit of Elvis lives again!

Flower Power!
Book by Craig Sodaro Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A musical comedy celebrating the ’60s

Funny Bones! The Silence of the Hams
By: Tim Kelly
A full-length comedy satire

Gee Girls, G-Men
By: Craig Sodaro
A roaring ’20s flapper comedy

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
By: Eddie McPherson
A wild, whacked-out circus of antics

Book by Michael C. Vigilant Music by Gerald V. Castle
A fantasy ’50s comedy musical

By: Craig Sodaro
A slapstick satire of Shoot-Em-Up Westerns

Have I Got News for You!
By: Craig Sodaro
A weird day in a TV newsroom

An Inconvenient Corpse
By: Pat Cook
A "keep-them-guessing all the way" comedy mystery

Is There a Doctor in the House? (Musical)
Adapted By Tim Kelly Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A bluegrass, down-home country two act musical comedy

Is There a Doctor in the House? (Play)
By: Tim Kelly
A "laff riot" adaptation of the farcical "doctor plays" of Molière restaged for a Wild West setting

The Jabberwocky
Book by Arthur Zapel Music and lyrics by Lauren Mayer
A musical comedy featuring the celebrities of Wonderland

Jitterbug Juliet
Book by Mark Dissette Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A sunny and high-spirited musical comedy

L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables
Adapted By Michelle R. Davis
Two act adaptation of the classic novel

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean (Play)
By: Craig Sodaro
Lawless lady pirates save orphaned children

Let Him Sleep ’Til It’s Time for His Funeral
By: Peg Kehret
A comedy in two acts

Look Who’s Laffin’
By: Tim Kelly
A Tim Kelly spoof on trash TV

Lucky, Lucky Hudson and the 12th Street Gang (Musical)
Book by Tim Kelly Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
An exuberantly funny musical spoofing old-time gangster movies

Lucky, Lucky Hudson and the 12th Street Gang (Play)
By: Tim Kelly
A gangster comedy of colorful characters

Lucky, Lucky Hudson and the Star of Delhi
By: Craig Sodaro
Lucky Hudson is back with another comedy thriller

Much Ado About Nothing
By: David L. Jorns
A student adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic comedy

Murder at Crooked House (Musical)
Book by Tim Kelly Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A two-act musical comedy mystery

Murder at Crooked House, or 18 Nervous Gumshoes (Play)
By: Tim Kelly
A hilarious spoof of murder mysteries

Murder at the Dude Ranch
By: Craig Sodaro
City slickers in a two-act cowboy mystery comedy

Night of the Teenage Zombies
By: Craig Sodaro
A two act horror movie parody

Oliver Twisted
By: Tim Kelly and Craig Sodaro
A two-act spoof of Dickens’ classic story

Book by Tim Kelly Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A new musical based on the L. Frank Baum classic

The Patchwork Girl of OZ
By: Dan Roberts
A classic L. Frank Baum story adapted into a musical narrative.

Pecos Bill, Slue-Foot Sue and the Wing-Dang-Doo!
Book by Arthur Zapel Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A musical comedy about equal rights

Peter Pan
Adapted By Craig Sodaro
A two-act play adaptation of the novel by J.M. Barrie

Phantom of the Op’ry (Musical)
Book by Tim Kelly Lyrics by Michael C. Vigilant Music by Gerald V. Castle Piano/vocal score arranged by Richard Threet
A musical stage show from Skunk Creek, Nevada

Phantom of the Op’ry (Play)
By: Tim Kelly
A full length comedy

Pirates and Petticoats
By: Pat Cook
A zesty two-act pirate adventure

Poe into the Night
Adapted By Linda Burson
A full-length ReadersTheatre presentation

Run for the Money!
By: Pat Cook
A nonstop farce about greedy heirs to a fortune

The Secret Garden
Adapted By Gary Peterson
A dramatization of the classic story

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
By: Carolyn Harper
A shortened version of Shakespeare’s most popular comedy

Shakespeare’s Hamlet
By: Dee White
Paraphrased into modern English

Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Adapted By Robert Herold
A student version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
By: Robert Herold
An adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic for student performance

Sherlock Holmes: Vampire Hunter
By: Craig Sodaro
A spoof of Sherlock movies and TV shows

Sherlock’s First Adventure
By: Craig Sodaro
A two-act comedy/mystery

Shiver Me Timbers!
By: Michelle R. Davis
A two-act comic pirate adventure

Snow Off-White: The Untold Story
By: Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus
A fresh take on the classic fairy tale

Surf’s Up!
Book by Craig Sodaro Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A perky "Beach-Boy-Style" musical comedy

The Taming of the Shrew
By: Ann Marie Evans
One of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies

The Thing from Under the North Pole
By: Burton Bumgarner
A frigid comedy in two acts

Twelfth Night
Adapted By Cheryl Capshaw
A student’s version of Shakespeare’s delightful situation comedy

We’ll Be Right Back After This Murder ...
By: Pat Cook
A comedy mystery with crazy characters

Westward Ho!
By: Craig Sodaro
A mini-spectacular about the opening of the West

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Prince?
By: Craig Sodaro
A two-act fairy tale parody/mystery

Wolf at the Door
By: Tim Kelly
A mystery spoof with a bite in two acts

Yankee Doodle Dandy: The Song and Dance Man
Book by Arthur Zapel Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur

The music of George M. Cohan