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Comedy Sketches, Parodies
20 More TV Commercial Comedy Sketches
By: Christina Hamlett
Funny spoofs of TV commercials

20 TV Commercial Comedy Sketches
By: Christina Hamlett
Humorous satires of TV commercials

At the Mall
By: Susan Stepp
Ten short comedy sketches

The Bachelorettes
By: Robert Mauro
A parody of matchmaking reality shows

Can You Whine Like a Fifth Grader?
and Austen Villemez
And twelve more TV parody sketches

The Carol Burnett Show

Authentic comedy sketch scripts from the CBS network Series.

The Carol Burnett Show - "The Old Folks"

Authentic comedy sketch scripts from the CBS network Series

CDS Skit Kit #3
By: Peg Kehret
Eleven delightfully wacky skits

Channel Surfing
and Lisa Levin Itté
A two-act comedy revue of TV parody skits

Channel Surfing II: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Turn Off Your TV
and Lisa Levin Itté
A two-act comedy revue and cyberspace adventure

Comedy Duets #2
By: Peg Kehret
Some outrageously updated fairy tales

CSI: Comedy Sketch Investigationz

Fourteen new parody sketches and comedy revue

Cyrano Loves Roxanne
By: Pat Cook
A two-act comic parody of the classic play Cyrano De Bergerac

Desperate Survivors
and Lisa Levin Itté
A collection of 13 large-cast TV parody sketches

Don’t Touch That Dial!
By: Christina Hamlett
20 TV commercial parody sketches

Fairy Tale TV
By: Scott M. Sparling
Three TV parodies with fairy tale characters

Five Comedy Sketches
By: Kirk Buis
A collection of short comedy skits

Five TV Parody Skits
By: Kirk Buis
Humorous spoofs of popular TV shows

Flip Your Parents
, Lisa Levin Itté and Jennifer Bagdasian
A collection of 16 TV parody skits

Funny Bones! The Silence of the Hams
By: Tim Kelly
A full-length comedy satire

The Great American Talent Show
By: Joseph Robinette
A spoof of reality TV talent shows

It Takes Two
By: Susan Stepp
Ten short comedy duets for actors

Jack and the Beanstalk Bandstand
Music and lyrics by Val R. Cheatham
A rock ’n’ roll musical parody

Law and Disorder: Comic Intent
, Lisa Levin Itté , Austen Villemez and Mark Murray
Eleven great TV and movie parody sketches

The Lord of the Ringlets - Kicking the Hahbit
By: Bruce Berger
A dwarf parody

More Channel Surfing: 16 New Parody Sketches
and Lisa Levin Itté
A collection of 16 new parody sketches

Murder on Denial
By: Craig Sodaro
A parody of TV’s Judge Judy show

The Old Folks’ Home
By: Vern Harden
A satire of the old and fiesty

Oliver Twisted
By: Tim Kelly and Craig Sodaro
A two-act spoof of Dickens’ classic story

By: Judy Wicklund
A crazy mixed-up fairy tale spoof

The Princess and the Pea
By: Karen T. Riehl
A comic fairy tale satire

Romeo and Julie (Play)
By: Bill Comeau
A Shakespearean comedy delight

Shakespeare’s Got Talent!
By: Lavinia Roberts
A parody of "America’s Got Talent"

Short Cuts Comedy Sketch Collection
By: Hugh Smith
Five pun-filled skits for dummies

Show Me What’s On!
and Rachel Shaina Bergstein
Ten great TV and movie parody sketches

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
By: Craig Sodaro
A comedy spoof on the legend of Camelot

The Substitute
By: David Powell
A hilarious and poignant play with a message

Super Short Shakespeare Parodies
By: Cliff Jury
Ten hilarious 4-minute abridgements of his most famous plays

Teenagers from Outer Space
Adapted By Mark Landon Smith
A hilarious parody of the 1959 Sci-Fi film

Ten Organically Funny Sketches
By: Susan Stepp
A collection of short "PC" comedy skits

Thirteen Short Skits for Teens
By: Judy Wicklund
Comedy skits for teens

Thirty Short Comedy Plays for Teens
By: Laurie Allen
These thirty short plays give teenage performers a chance to portray the drama of their everyday lives.

Three Fairy Skits and a Tale
By: Scott M. Sparling
Four fairy tale comedy/parodies

Three Fairy Tale Parodies
By: Janet Reyes
A trio of comedy spoofs

The Trial of Amanda Marie Locks or How Goldilocks Contempts the Court
By: Stuart L. Sheeley
A courtroom comedy with many parts

TV Commercials Hall of Fame #2
By: Bill Majeski
Collection of TV commercial spoofs

Two Large Cast TV Parody Plays
By: Susan Stepp
A pair of hilarious TV show spoofs

Two Radio Comedy Spoofs
By: Bruce Berger
Two broadcast comedy shows for the price of one!

Variety Show Comedy Skits II
By: Robert Mauro
Ten more short vaudeville sketches

Wacky Theatre Variety Show
By: Hugh Smith
A comedy variety show

Way-Out Comedy Sketches
By: Kirk Buis
A collection of short comedy skits

Who Killed Kevin?
By: Vern Harden
Old Folks’ action comedy at its best

Wicked Cindy
By: Scott M. Sparling
A twisted, touching Cinderella fairy tale parody

Wild Kingdom High School
By: Kirk Buis
Ten humorously insightful sketches about teen experiences

The Wrangler Roy Show
By: Stuart L. Sheeley
National speech contest winning script

The Young and the Senseless
By: Susan Stepp

Eight short situation-comedy playlets