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One Act Plays
Contemporary Drama Service specializes in one act plays for middle schools, high schools, community theaters, churches, and professional theaters. We offer an extensive selection of one-act comedies, large cast one-act play scripts, one act comedy-mysteries, one act whodunits, comedy revues, and short one-act plays. You will find many plays below that will fit your requirements.
A 21st Century Christmas Carol
By: Lori M. Myers
A contemporary comedy adaption of Dickens classic

The Actor’s Challenge
and Lisa Levin Itté
A fast-paced play to showcase several acting styles

By: Kenneth R. Preuss
Which student is really an alien?

The Bachelorettes
By: Robert Mauro
A parody of matchmaking reality shows

Becoming Shakespeare
By: Charlie Lovett
An ensemble comedy about the boy playwright

Beowulf on a Budget
By: Eddie McPherson
A stage-action comedy farce

Chaos in Fairy Tale Forest
By: Geff Moyer
A mixed-up fairy-tale parody

Damsel in Distress
By: Scott M. Sparling
A fairy-tale parody with a dragon and other monsters

Dorothy’s Secret: The Deleted Scene from The Wizard of Oz
By: Eddie McPherson
A one-act parody of the classic lm

The Great American Talent Show
By: Joseph Robinette
A spoof of reality TV talent shows

Her Lips Are Sealed
By: Mary Krell-Oishi
A murder mystery dinner theatre play

High School: It’s a Concept
By: Mary Krell-Oishi
Spotlight on the high school experience

By: Craig Sodaro
An easy-to-stage adaptation of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Left in the Wicker Basket, or Right Under the Ol’ Boarding House Steps
By: Paul Collette and Robert Wright
A melodrama for multiple villains, heroes and heroines (many parts for women)

The Lord of the Ringlets - Kicking the Hahbit
By: Bruce Berger
A dwarf parody

A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale
By: Susanna Hargreaves
All the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale characters in one play

Murder at the Pie Auction
By: Michael Druce
A fundraiser "whodunit" dinner theatre mystery with audience participation

Murder in the Manor
By: Bill Hand
A mystery dinner theatre play

Murder Most Fowl
By: Colleen Neuman
A hilarious hillbilly comedy

Murder on Denial
By: Craig Sodaro
A parody of TV’s Judge Judy show

Night of the Prowler
By: Whitney Ryan Garrity
A comedy thriller with a twist

The Old Folks’ Home
By: Vern Harden
A satire of the old and fiesty

Olympic Idol
By: Lavinia Roberts
A Greek myth parody of "American Idol"

One-Act Plays for Acting Students
Edited By Norman A. Bert
An anthology of complete one-act plays -- no cuttings!

By: Judy Wicklund
A crazy mixed-up fairy tale spoof

The Princess and the Pea
By: Karen T. Riehl
A comic fairy tale satire

The Rest-In-Peace Retirement Home
By: Vern Harden
A satire of the old and feisty

Seusspeare: Hamlet Hears a Who
By: Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare
A Seussified spoof of Shakespeares Hamlet

Seusspeare: Meet the Macbeths
By: Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare
A "Seussified" spoof of Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Seusspeare: Romeo and Juliet’s Restaurant Wars
By: Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare By: Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare
A Seussified spoof of Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s Got Talent!
By: Lavinia Roberts
A parody of "America’s Got Talent"

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
By: Craig Sodaro
A comedy spoof on the legend of Camelot

Spy TV
By: Kenneth R. Preuss
Reality TV invades school

Stormin’ the Teachers’ Lounge
By: Shirley Ullom
Students invade teachers’ paradise

The Substitute
By: David Powell
A hilarious and poignant play with a message

Teenagers from Outer Space
Adapted By Mark Landon Smith
A hilarious parody of the 1959 Sci-Fi film

Ten Little Friends In
By: Dick Smith
A mystery spoof in one act

The Trial of Amanda Marie Locks or How Goldilocks Contempts the Court
By: Stuart L. Sheeley
A courtroom comedy with many parts

Two-Character Plays for Student Actors
By: Robert Mauro
A collection of fifteen one-act plays.

The Velveteen Rabbit
By: Lauren Mayer
An updated version of the Margery Williams’ classic

Wait ’Til The Sun Shines Nellie, or So Long Snivelheart
By: Craig Sodaro
A one-act comedy melodrama

Westward Ho!
By: Craig Sodaro
A mini-spectacular about the opening of the West

What Happened After Once Upon a Time
By: Alexi Alfieri
A parody of nine classic fairy tales

Who Killed Kevin?
By: Vern Harden
Old Folks’ action comedy at its best

Wicked Cindy
By: Scott M. Sparling
A twisted, touching Cinderella fairy tale parody

Wishful Thinking
By: Kenneth R. Preuss
A classroom situation comedy

The Wrangler Roy Show
By: Stuart L. Sheeley

National speech contest winning script