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Mythology, Fairy Tales
Alice’s Adventures
By: Dan Roberts
In Wonderland and Behind the Looking Glass

Chaos in Fairy Tale Forest
By: Geff Moyer
A mixed-up fairy-tale parody

Cinderella’s Dream
By: Greg Atkins
A two act comedy adaptation

Damsel in Distress
By: Scott M. Sparling
A fairy-tale parody with a dragon and other monsters

Fairy Tale TV
By: Scott M. Sparling
Three TV parodies with fairy tale characters

Fairy Tales Go to Court
By: Steve Dingledine and Lora Dingledine
Seven short parodies of TV’s People’s Court

Folk Tale Drama Kit #1

A collection of five folk tales in narrative-dialog structure.

Folk Tale Drama Kit #2

Another collection of five well-known folk tales in narrative-dialog play structure

Folk Tale Drama Kit #3

Another collection of favorite folk tales dramatized in the convenient narrative-dialog play structure.

Fractured Fairy Tales for Student Actors
By: Jan Peterson Ewen
A collection of contemporary fairy tale scenes

Funny Fairy Tale Monologues
By: Eleanor McLeod
Ten parody monologues and duologues for young performers

It’s All Greek to Me
By: Claudia Carter Covington , Dee Walston and Jody Weatherly
A children’s comedy about Greek mythology characters

The Jabberwocky
Book by Arthur Zapel Music and lyrics by Lauren Mayer
A musical comedy featuring the celebrities of Wonderland

Jack and the Beanstalk Bandstand
Music and lyrics by Val R. Cheatham
A rock ’n’ roll musical parody

A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale
By: Susanna Hargreaves
All the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale characters in one play

Mother Goose Monologues
By: Larry Hillhouse
Ten fairy tale comedy monologues

Never After
Book, music and lyrics by Lauren Mayer
A rockin’ fairy tale musical farce

Olympic Idol
By: Lavinia Roberts
A Greek myth parody of "American Idol"

By: Judy Wicklund
A crazy mixed-up fairy tale spoof

The Princess and the Pea
By: Karen T. Riehl
A comic fairy tale satire

Rappin’ Beat Fairy Tales
By: Jan Hoop and Students
Five fairy tale "rap" sketches

Rappin’ Beat Fairy Tales #2
By: Jan Hoop
Five more fairy tale "rap" sketches

Snow Off-White
By: Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur
A rock musical spoof of the classic fairy tale

Snow Off-White: The Untold Story
By: Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus
A fresh take on the classic fairy tale

Storytime Monologs
By: Larry Hillhouse
Ten mythical monologs about fairy tale folks

Three Fairy Skits and a Tale
By: Scott M. Sparling
Four fairy tale comedy/parodies

Three Fairy Tale Parodies
By: Janet Reyes
A trio of comedy spoofs

Two Radio Comedy Spoofs
By: Bruce Berger
Two broadcast comedy shows for the price of one!

The Velveteen Rabbit
By: Lauren Mayer
An updated version of the Margery Williams’ classic

What Happened After Once Upon a Time
By: Alexi Alfieri
A parody of nine classic fairy tales

Who Killed Mother Goose? — A Fowl Play
By: Laurel Pollard
A fairy tale mystery for dinner theatre

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Prince?
By: Craig Sodaro
A two-act fairy tale parody/mystery

Wicked Cindy
By: Scott M. Sparling

A twisted, touching Cinderella fairy tale parody